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The Organizing Mentors

Lisa Geraci Rigoni is owner and CDO -- Chief Declutter Officer -- of The Organizing Mentors.

Lisa has been helping her clients Reclaim their space mentally and physically for over 10 years.

We're the organizing experts


Organization for Style and Life

We design the right solutions for your space, to reflect your personal style. It’s about more than just decluttering. It’s about designing systems that work for you and your lifestyle.

Moving In or Moving Out

Our experts can help you plan and pack, or help you move into a new home in an organized way. We take away stress and make your move peaceful and productive.

Seniors and Life Transitions

From floor-planning to downsizing and mover arrangements, we’re specialists in helping seniors and families during life transitions.

the litl system

Removing Clutter,
Improving Lives

Our mission is to help people improve their lives and resolve internal and external clutter by organizing their spaces.

Our LITL system is a way to organize

any space, any time.


Reclaim your space

Let our team of professionals help put your mind at ease and give you your space back!


Kind words from our clients

“Lisa is reassuring, kind and efficient. She helped me declutter two very challenging spaces. She makes it so easy. I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely hire her again.”


“This effort went wonderfully. They came in with a system that we adopted and we got the job done in 2 six-hour sessions. We created a garage full of stuff that needed to be hauled off. The team of Victoria, Kathleen and Lisa were great to work with. This was wonderful. Kathleen and Sally showed up on time and worked diligently until we were done. They have great attitudes.”


I just wanted to thank you again for giving us 100%+ of our money’s worth yesterday, getting the girls finally cranking on all cylinders with their room renovation project. And making it fun in the bargain. (Not to mention risking life and limb to get here.) I’m hoping that making a sizable dent in the unprecedented level of clutter in that room will spur them to keep going. If not, expect another call within the next few weeks. 🙂 Also, as I mentioned, if ever there were a home declutter project waiting to happen, it’s this house, so once I decide how to proceed I’d love you to come back and help, including with my “master closet.


“Our organizing project is done now, and we never would have survived this month without the help of Sally, Barbara, and Michelle. They were so patient, organized, helpful, sympathetic, enthusiastic…I don’t have enough glowing adjectives to describe them!


“Michelle has been amazing – totally de-stressed this move for me.”


“Best Organizing Team There Is! Lisa and her team are without question the best Organizing Team there is! They were incredible throughout the whole process. Lisa’s overall commitment, empathy and attention to detail were unprecedented. She listened carefully and turned a very sad and overwhelming situation into a manageable task for my clients. I highly recommend The Organizing Mentors! ”

D. Longo

Libby was incredible!! Seriously, she was so kind and professional and soooo smart!!! I cannot believe in a couple hours she was able to solve the organization issues that have been stressing me out for 3.5 years!!!! Thank you so, so, so, so much!!!


“OMG! If you need help organizing your home, you NEED The Organizing Mentors! They are the bomb! I just got through with my first session and I feel amazing! I’m beginning to see how my house can be! Thank you Lisa Geraci Rigoni and Victoria!”


“Victoria— Thank you sooooo much for helping me get my playroom back! Vivian is playing like she’s never been in there before, and I feel about 500 pounds lighter and ready for whatever Christmas brings.

Will recommend you to anyone who asks and anyone who doesn’t ask!!!”


I used the Organizing Mentors to move from a house I had lived in for over 30 years and they were wonderful.  It was quite an undertaking and they took care of everything from planning the move to packing everything up to helping me decide what to take to donating what I wasn’t to arranging for a mover and to settling me in my new house.  They did organize the entire move and did a remarkable job.  I give them 5 stars and highly recommend them.


The clean up was phenomenal, hassle free, cathartic and just plain great. Thank you so much for your help.
Basically it has been a mood booster to have things organized.


“I have used The Organizing Mentors twice and highly recommend their services. Lisa and her co-workers did an excellent job of packing the stuff in my apartment for a move out-of-state. Lisa was also there to help out when the movers loaded the truck. This is the second time I have used her services and I recommend The Organizing Mentors highly. They were very helpful in disposing of things that I no longer needed and in packing up what was left for moving – twice.”


“The Organizing Mentors were absolutely amazing. I could not have done this without them. They were professional, punctual, very intuitive, and wise in their approach. They were so supportive on so many different levels. I feel like I came away with a brand new forever family. Between one week in January 2019 and five weeks split between May and June we finally accomplished our goal, which was cleaning out my mom’s house.”


“Wonderful! The Organizing Mentors are amazing! They are kind, compassionate, friendly, helpful, focused, and skilled. These women helped me to attack the accumulated stuff in my house to get it ready to sell. I’ve honestly never seen anyone work harder and the clean and serene outcome was astounding. Lisa, Michelle, and Victoria helped me to sort a mountain of stuff and cull huge amounts to donate and trash. They packed, rearranged, lugged, and loaded tirelessly. I literally could not have sold my house without their help. Highly recommend!”


“Being in our 80’s, we needed help with selling, donating, and otherwise disposing of our furniture, collectibles, etc. Lisa and her staff were just what we needed. We have the highest regard for The Organizing Mentors.”


“Victoria did an excellent job helping us get our playroom back! She was kind, patient, and made it an enjoyable process. We got rid of a ton of outgrown items, trash, recyclables, and reorganized a bit to make better use of the space. As my 5-year-old daughter said, ‘It’s like a brand new room and there’s not even a single thing in the middle of the floor.’ My kids are playing like they’ve never been in there before and I feel about 500 pounds lighter. I am ready for whatever Christmas brings. I cannot thank The Organizing Mentors enough.”


“Lisa, thank you so much for the support you and your team provided me. I could not have done this alone; either physically or emotionally.”

– Carol, Leesburg, VA


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COVID-19 Update

The Organizing Mentors mission is creating a welcoming and comforting world by supporting people through the work we love; with empathy, commitment and integrity. During this trying time, our commitment to the health and safety of our clients and team takes precedence over everything. We have increased our safety measures and will continue to do so. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.