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Lisa Geraci Rigoni is owner and CDO, Chief DeClutter Officer, of The Organizing Mentors. Lisa has been helping her clients Reclaim their space mentally and physically for over 10 years.

Lisa’s primary mission is to help individuals, families and organizations improve their current situations with organized systems and spaces. If required, she or a member of her team will identify and help resolve the chaos and self-destructive habits that led to internal and external clutter. By addressing the issues that have brought clients to their present state of disorganization, clients develop clarity and freedom. Beyond organizing space, Lisa and her team coach clients to implement best practices and inspire confidence to make positive choices that enrich their lives and set them free from the habits that have kept their minds and spaces cluttered. After working with The Organizing Mentors, clients are recharged from the acceptance and empathy they practice as they reclaim their physical and mental space.
The non-judgmental manner Lisa and her team utilize is highly appreciated by those who engage her team for assistance.