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I LOVE organizing. If you ask any of my friends or family, they’ll tell you I truly love helping others de-clutter and find the sense of calm and joy that always follows. For me, organization is about making room and time in your life for what is really important, balancing the emotional and the pragmatic sides of the brain.

I grew up in a very organized home (the mantra was “Don’t put it down, put it away!”) and I now fully realize the great benefits in that. I have a degree in Urban Planning from Virginia Tech, where my organizational nature aligned with the study of land usage and public services. My work with The Organizing Mentors allows me to exercise my passion for detail and order while helping others find more time and less stress in improving their living spaces. I love listening and really getting to know my clients and what they need. Their trust in me helps me discover and implement new strategies and solutions to “de-stress” their lives. Life moves fast these days, and my goal is to help them gain control of their living spaces and in turn to live more peacefully.

One older client recently needed an overhaul in his ‘document management system’ … ie, overflowing files and countless piles of papers and boxes of statements and receipts. While tedious, once we got on a roll it was amazing to see the pile of ‘shred it’ grow and grow, and the ‘file it’ pile become manageable. And the recollections and wisdom he shared while sorting through the papers were priceless. After organizing the ‘file it’ documents and creating an index of files, the sense of relief was almost tangible.

A place for everything, and everything in its place
Don’t put it down, put it away