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Barbara realized she loved to organize when she was in the corporate world as an Executive Secretary. One of the first things she did was organize the supply cabinet at her place of employment. After leaving the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and raise her two daughters, she always graciously assisted her friends in their moves to their new homes. She enjoys bringing peace and harmony to everyones space.

In her spare time, Barbara enjoys bowling, playing volleyball, cooking, chilling at Bethany Beach, and wine tasting. She resides in downtown Leesburg with her husband, Jim and their English bulldog, Otis.

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Favorite quote: Hakuna Matata TOM got you!

One of the clients that touched my heart was V. She was so kind and soft spoken. She may have been a clothes & shoe hoarder, but what women isn’t. I loved going through each article of clothing with her and hearing how each piece had a different story. She had about 30 ea. holiday sweatshirts. As we weeded through them, I had to remind her that ie, Halloween was only 1 day and she didn’t need 30+. We always had a good chuckle together.

Most of my clients have been for moves. After leaving a client for the last time, I feel joy and sadness. I’m sad because we have developed a friendship over the last month(s) knowing their likes & dislikes, their life story, as well as their medical history and we will never see each other again. I’m joyful for their new beginnings and that I have contributed to their downsizing and their new adventure.