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Transitioning Home Downsizing and Decluttering Services

You have lived in your home for 25+ years, the kids’ stuff is still there and/or they have brought it back and left it in your home for storage. Now it’s time to downsize and move into a space that is manageable and comfortable. We are here for you, no judgment, criticism or embarrassment. Together we will plan simple, personal and individualized sessions to achieve your goals. Working with the organizing mentors will help reduce the stress and anxiety that arises from the enormous task of sorting through a lifetime of memories.

We will get you packed up and ready for your new place:

  • #1-3hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Great way to start the downsizing and organizing process-$199
  • #2-6hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Sort through, donate and potentially pack up more than one full room-$499
  • #3-12hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Make tremendous progress to getting your project completed. -$999