Professional Organizing And DeCluttering Services

Achieving an organized space is as much mental as it is physical. Our goal is not only to get your space organized, but to give you the tools to keep your organizing goals for good. We will support you every step of the way! We provide package options, as well as customized quotes based on your individual needs, whether it is one project or multiple projects.

Since every situation is different and some organizing goals do not require a long term package, we offer proposals on a per project basis. For example: Garages, basements, packing up for a move, unpacking after a move, closets, kitchens, etc… Sometimes it’s the whole house, and sometimes, it's just a few parts of the whole. We are here for all your organizational struggles and challenges–no matter how large or small.


Moving Out/Moving In

Getting us in to assist as soon as you decide to move will cut out half your stress.

We will help you sort, purge items that are not going with you (why should you pay to have them moved…yet again?). We also take those items to donation sites and send you the tax receipts. While we are sorting and decluttering, we will pack up the items you want to take with you but do not want left out while the home is up for sale. This step saves you time and money. When your house is sold we come back and pack everything else up and you are good to go. Let us help you unpack and organize when you move into your new home, as well.


Older Adult Assistance

The Team Mentors are compassionate and gentle in all we do and we recognize getting older has its ups and downs.

Moving out of a home after 40-50 years can become quite complicated physically as well as emotionally. You can trust that our extensive experience will make the process of moving into assisted living or adult child’s home less upsetting, stressful and confusing. For aging in place, we declutter and consolidate to widen paths for walkers and wheel chairs. Safety first in all our clients’ homes.


Take Back Your Space

No matter the space, We make it our goal to encourage, mentor, and empower our clients to take back their space both mentally and physically.

Garage – Let’s get your car back where it should be! We will take everything out; sort, purge and organize it back with a system that works for your household.

Home Office – Can’t ever seem to find anything in there? Wasting time searching for those receipts? Together we will find the flow that is needed to get your job and projects completed.

Basement/Storage Area – Most of us have at least one place to ‘throw’ the extra stuff. If there is space, we will fill it up. We will help you make the most of the spaces you have. Find solutions to the clutter struggles and the lack of order.

Playrooms – Some houses are like a toy box with an address. We get it. Kids have stuff and they like to see it and use it. That doesn’t mean everything has to be on the floor and out all the time. We will create usable and manageable systems to help you keep your space.


Unexpected Events

Burst pipes. Water damage. We really hope it never happens to you...

If it does, Call us ASAP to start unpacking the effected items quickly and thoroughly to assess what can be salvaged. Mold begins to grow immediately and it’s never a good idea to keep much when it has been affected. We will get in and get all your valuables that have not been effected, into plastic containers. Often times our service is reimbursable by insurance and your peace of mind is rescued as well.


Individual Assistance

Often times we work with busy clients who need extra support to ‘get things done’.

Together, we create a plan and a to-do list. Anything from grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning, to scheduling appointments, getting quotes for work around the house and being there when the HVAC person comes. Organizing is usually on the list as well but it doesn’t have to be.



Need Help Destressing?

Here are other services we offer that have helped our clients destress.