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I think from the TOM point of view, being “busy” can still be procrastinating. So, for example, someone keeps themselves busy by say, doing laundry instead of answering emails and texts, he or she can still convince themselves that they are busy getting things done. Alas, all the while doing the busy-work, the larger task of answering emails or texts is hanging over your head just makes the thought of doing it even more stressful. The more procrastination that occurs, it seems the more negative self talk happens in the person’s mind. To help change the cycle, be gentle with yourself, and forgive yourself for your procrastination.

For TOM clients, organizing and purging are sometimes not tasks they are really interested in doing, and/or, the house seems so out from underneath them, it’s all too daunting to even start. The challenge is, they want to be organized with a simplified home. Putting off doing the steps needed in order to have the home you want makes you not only feel badly mentally, but also can mean your physical space seems chaotic.

That is why it can be very helpful to call in a professional organizer to help break the procrastination cycle. “Motivation follows action. Get started, and you’ll find your motivation follows,” Dr Pychl

Finally, it’s important to know that our clients are not alone in procrastinating. It may be time for some deep thinking about why they’ve procrastinated organizing. Does it not interest them? A million other things they’d rather do with their time? Then one solution is to make it easier on themselves by getting help.

I feel like I could go on, and personally, I started procrastinating making plans with people, or agreeing to plans when my Dad was sick and my son was going through a challenging time. I felt like if I didn’t commit, I’d be ready (and available) for the next catastrophe I knew was right around the corner. But I would ruminate about invites and stress myself out, and my self talk was not nice!! it made me feel like dirt when I wouldn’t respond to invitations and it’s still hard for me to commit to things to this day!

-Victoria Willett, an Organizing Team Mentor