We're here to serve you in any way we can. We are the ultimate concierge service. The real product we deliver to you across all our services is giving you back your space both mentally and physically. How we do that varies from client to client - anything from decluttering to closet organizing to getting  your to-do list done to clearing out a storage unit or garage to picking up the groceries for you so you don't have to think about it - we've put together some "packages" below to give you some more ideas of what we can do. 

We are indifferent with how your space looks when we get there;
We are dedicated and committed to how you feel when we leave.
— lisa geraci rigoni

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We will analyze your place and leave you with a plan to reclaim your space

So you've got an organizational bent yourself and just need a little help getting started and staying on track - we've got you covered! In this our consultation package plan, we meet with you at your place and create a plan with you to help you get your own place organized the way you like it and stay that way!

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This is the quick fix as a 4-hour purge and tidy package and is best for clearing a specific space

Have a garage or basement or kids room or guest room that needs clearing? This is the perfect package for you. This package is designed to help you get through a transition quick, like maybe preparing for a loved one moving in with you or a kids left for college or you want to convert your den into an office.

We can help you sort and clear a room into items you plan to keep and should move elsewhere, good items that we can sell for you, decent items you can donate, and whatever is left can be removed through one of our haul-away partners.

You get peace of mind quick, laser focusing on a specific area, with this package. Let's get it done!

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You get 6 hours of dedicated focus in this package to help you get started and feel empowered with a plan

This package is really a combination of packages 1 and 2 above - we help you get started with a bigger project, creating a plan with you as we go, and leaving you with a strategy to finish your bigger goals on your own and we can set up followup accountability calls or visits to check in with you and make sure you feel good about your own progress in coming weeks and months.

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6 weeks or 10 hours (with one organizer)

You’re pretty organized; you have a few problem areas, need an extra set of hands, eyes and ears to help figure things out.

Perhaps you need help creating a reasonable routine you can stick with daily or weekly. We will get you there to start, and help you design the plan to keep you going. If you still need the motivation and accountability, we will be there for you.

The goal is to stay ahead of the clutter.

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3 months or 12 weeks or 25 hours (with one organizer)

This package is designed for the person that has a few areas they cannot seem to get a handle on; no room in your garage for car, jam-packed closets, too many toys in the basement, never ending mounts of papers....

We will assist in getting your space organized and develop a plan for you to keep it that way.

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6 months or 24 weeks or 60 hrs (with one organizer)

You have several rooms in your home (or your whole house) that are overwhelming, you don’t know where to start and/or you have started and stopped many times over the years. We get it. We are here for you, no judgment, criticism or embarrassment. We design simple, personal and individualized sessions to achieve your vision for your space and increase your efficiency. We will help reduce your stress and give you back your space.

With your guidance we can do all the sorting, you can work with us, tell us what to do or a little of both. Ideally, we work room by room but that's not always the case. You may get some homework to keep the project moving along and to help instill your new habits. At the end of each session, we will remove all items set aside for donation.



Transitioning Home Downsizing and Decluttering Services

You have lived in your home for 25+ years, the kids’ stuff is still there and/or they have brought it back and left it in your home for storage. Now it’s time to downsize and move into a space that is manageable and comfortable. We are here for you, no judgment, criticism or embarrassment. Together we will plan simple, personal and individualized sessions to achieve your goals. Working with the organizing mentors will help reduce the stress and anxiety that arises from the enormous task of sorting through a lifetime of memories.

We will get you packed up and ready for your new place:

  • #1-3hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Great way to start the downsizing and organizing process-$199
  • #2-6hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Sort through, donate and potentially pack up more than one full room-$499
  • #3-12hrs with 1 Team Mentor. Make tremendous progress to getting your project completed. -$999


'RECLAIM YOUR SPACE' Maintenance Package

Avoid Murphy's Law with Recurring Organizing Maintenance

Hey, we all get it: the house looks great one moment and a disaster the next. Kids, pets, parties, and yes, spouses can introduce chaos into recently ordered spaces.

This package was designed to give you peace of mind on a recurring basis. If the chaos reigns for a little, take comfort knowing that we are coming back to help you reclaim your space!

We can work in a different every space each session, checking again on how the other spaces have been kept up.

To keep your motivation and the momentum going, we highly recommend our maintenance package plans that can be customized to your recurring needs!

  • We will personalize your weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
  • Three hour minimum
  • Homework accountability in between sessions
  • 5% off total investment if paid upfront – three month minimum
  • All sessions must be used within two months of end of maintenance contract
  • No refunds or cashback value. Must schedule to use.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling must be done within 72 hours before your scheduled appointment without incurring a cancellation fee.

Additional Services Available:

Mix and Match A La Carte Style - Customize the Right Package for You!

• Cleaning service sessions within the spaces we are targeting

• An interior design consultation

• Home storage and garage space consultation

• Additional Organizing Mentors

• We also have relationships with a number of trusted, quality partners: realtors, movers, home improvement contractors, junk hauling services, dumpsters, storage pods (great or small), therapists, energy workers, FengShui practitioners, and much more!

What do we do with your 'extra' stuff?

  • Help set an estate sale locally for lower value items

  • Sell higher value items online for you through our high-end catalog partners

  • Donate and deliver to a non-profit on your behalf, getting you a tax-deductible receipt

Fine Print

  • We only charge travel fees if we need to drive over an hour one-way to service your home

  • Additional Organizing Mentors per job available at standard rates

  • Larger jobs paid up front with cash, check or bank ACH transfer may be eligible for a discount

  • Retainer packages are billed automatically on the first of each month

  • Credit card on file required for retainer packages

  • Make sure to schedule your retainer package each month - we recommend picking a certain day of the week on rotation for consistency