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I called on a client the other day. She had been sick on and off and that had delayed us starting her project. She really wanted to get us there because her daughter-in-law would be having the first grandchild in the family within a few months and she needed a lot of decluttering accomplished or there might not be as much ‘bringing baby over for a visit’ as she would hope.

Sometimes projects are overwhelming even for an experienced professional organizer, and this one was tough. We scheduled the work around a visit from her sister, who helped a lot with decluttering and provided the emotional support the client needed. There weren’t many decisions to be made on what to keep and what to discard. It was very clear what could stay. Most of the work involved throwing out food containers and packages, spoiled food, packaging, old papers, and other trash. All of it had been there a very long time. The Team Mentors finished the project, with help from the sisters, in plenty of time for the arrival of the baby girl.

When I followed up with my client about two weeks after, I asked her how she was feeling and how she felt about the project. She said she was very happy with how everything was cleaned up and it all looked amazing. She told me she about going into her room for the first time and thinking, “all my friends are gone.” She felt a connection and had a relationship with what many people would label as ‘garbage’ or ‘trash’. In many ways those things were her comfort and security system. She said it took her a few days to get through it mentally and remembering what her goal was, helped her tremendously.

Then she said something I had never heard from a client. She said “Lisa, I am a hoarder. I know that now. So this process was very difficult for me, I know they all had to go. I also know what is in store for me and that baby being able to come here and I’m very excited about that!”

You don’t have to be a hoarder to struggle with letting go of the things cluttering your home. We create attachments to things because they belonged to someone we loved, or because we are afraid we will need something after we have gotten rid of it. We run out of time to address it when it’s a low-priority task, only to panic when it becomes high-priority because we are expecting visitors or selling our homes. Sometimes just the thought of tackling the clutter is exhausting. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to your family, your friends, or The Organizing Mentors to help you clear the clutter and create peace in your life!