Facebook Review: "I Feel so Much Lighter"

"Not long ago I asked for recommendations for help organizing and to my surprise received quite a few suggestions. I just didn't know where to begin attacking the project so it had just sat - for more than 2 years and things kept being added to it. It was causing me much stress since working, I am organized - but my home was not.

I chose one based not only their recommendations, but Facebook and website - it was all very .... well organized! Lisa was very understanding to an issue that was causing me stress and a good bit of personal embarrassment.

I chose The Organizing Mentors - Lisa and Kathleen were so easy to deal with! Kathleen is the one who got the short straw and helped me deal with my boxes and boxes and stuff that was everywhere. In short time, she had me going through all my accumulated things - so much donated and some kept.

I feel so much 'lighter' - I highly recommend Lisa and her mentors"