"You will see “progress” after the very first session!"


"I needed to "reorganize" my home because excessive amounts of clutter made it all but unlivable. I had attempted to do it myself at various times, but it was always too overwhelming (a huge psychological block). My progress was much too slow, and therefore I had to find a better way. I found "Leave it to Lisa, LLC" on the internet, and called her to discuss possible solutions. She explained her various plans and I contracted her for one of them (she currently has 3 plans of differing costs, each intended for different amounts of clutter). We started the job at the end of March and met every two weeks at first (the plan was for 12-3hr sessions over a period of 24 weeks) and then recently accelerated and had some sessions on successive weeks. The last few sessions were 4 hours instead of 3, so the overall time to complete the job was shorter than planned. The last session of the first contract will be Wednesday, July 2. However, I will enter into a new contract for $4,500 to work on the upstairs bedrooms (3), bathrooms (2), and adjoining hallways. 

Lisa has been very flexible with the scheduling and always conducts herself in a very professional manner. If you don’t know where to start, she will come up with a plan and start it for you. You are also encouraged to help, but this is optional. In my case, I had to sort through credit card receipts, pay stubs, papers from work, etc., so that she didn’t have to take valuable session time doing it instead. Much of this was given to me as “homework” to do between sessions. We accomplished a lot more this way. I guarantee that you will see “progress” after the very first session!

Also included with my plan was 3 cleaning service sessions. The person has so far cleaned my kitchen — all of it — including washing the dishes, sink, rearranging the cupboards, and cleaning the floor. It took about 5 hours. The “before” and “after” photos were quite striking. I am very pleased that my kitchen is once again functional.

I most highly recommend “Leave it to Lisa” to anyone who finds the task of reorganizing or decluttering their spaces too daunting. She will make it feel (almost) painless."

– William, Sterling, VA