Transitions often are difficult and stressful. We have another way to assist and decrease that stress. We bring people, processes, and technology to your home or a loved one’s home to sort, downsize, organize, and sell what you no longer need or use.

Use Our Simple Process

Whether you have antiques, collectibles, art, jewelry or everyday furniture, tools, and knick knacks our simple process will get your items online for the world to see and bid and win.


As Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Make Some $ and be Clutter Free


Keep What You Love

If it is a family heirloom - keep it! It is irreplaceable to you. If you can work it into your existing space rather than store it, even better. Or perhaps there is someone else in the family who wants it or can use it. Keep it in the family and store it if you must. It’s worth it.


Sell What You Can

If you or the family don’t want to keep certain things, then why not convert them into cash - modern day alchemy! Everyone can use a little more cash.

Don’t pay to store what you don’t love. Sell it quickly with our innovative app!

3rd step

Donate the Rest

Whatever you don’t want to keep or can’t sell: donate, recycle or throw it away.

We work with many of the best partners who can help you get back your space mentally and physically through quick donation or haul-away options!

How Our Selling Process is Better


Within 10 days after the close of an estate auction sale, 80% of auction proceeds are distributed to you either electronically (faster) or via check. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Click the button below to get started:

It’s simple! Hire one of our professional Team Mentors to come sort, photograph, and catalog your items into an online estate sale.

You Make 80% with Little to No Effort!

After the auction, you receive sales receipts for items sold and can chose a local pickup day for the winning bidders or start shipping the purchased items. The easiest way, of course, is to have a Team Mentor facilitate the entire post-sale processing on your behalf!


Once your catalog is reviewed and approved, it will be published locally, or if you chose to ship items out, then also around the world with our auction partner houses and platforms (these are big names with access to millions of bidders). We know where your items will sell best. We really are a curator of catalog opportunities on your behalf!