VIDEO: Defying Gravity with The Organizing Mentors



I was asked to speak about reclaiming your space mentally and physically, to get you to extraordinary, and to defy gravity. In this presentation, I explain how you can declutter your life and get rid of all those things holding you down.

From the video:

I find that I can't defy gravity when my mental and physical states are not right. Defying gravity means getting out of my stuff. 

The key points I'm talking about today, with regard to stuff, are:

  1. Does it serve you?
  2. Do you want it?
  3. Do you need it?

So many people hold onto stuff for too long. So many people hold on to other people's stuff too! All of this drags us down, so the crucial part to getting our lives in order is reclaiming our own space.

Do you have things weighing you down? Find out how to get rid of them in this presentation!

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I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon! It's time to reclaim your space.

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Lisa Geraci Rigoni