Keeping Your Child's Room Organized

Children have a natural tendency to entertain themselves. Most children have accumulated many toys, games, electronics, books and other items. While parents love it when their children are occupied doing something that they really enjoy, sometimes it becomes difficult to encourage your kids to pick up their toys, clothes and other clutter up off of the floor. If your child gets stressed or hides when you say the words "clean your room," it might be time to confront this issue of messy bedrooms once and for all. Keeping your child's room organized doesn't have to require a dump truck and long hours. There are some creative ways to ensure that your child's bedroom stays neat and clean.

Like any other area in the home, a child's bedroom will be easier to clean if there is a spot designated for all of the clutter typically strewn across the floor. A little bit of organizing and decluttering goes a long way in maintaining a neat room. To start, take an assessment of what makes up the day-to-day clutter. Go through your kid's toy collection, clothes, books and other things. Put aside anything that is broken or isn't used by your child anymore. Go through this collected pile with your child to see what they no longer play with.

Sort through your child's closet and dressers packed full of clothes. Put out-of-season clothes aside, and determine a place to store these items. There are under-the-bed organizers that might be perfect for storing seasonal clothing. Give away any unused, out of fashion and too small clothing. Pitch any clothes with too much damage for wear. Invest in some closet organizing products like storage cubicles, shoe racks, shelving units able to be stacked and closet organizers that create a second bar to hang shorter items.

If the state of your child's room causes an instant reaction to shut the door, don't panic. Choose a time when you will be uninterrupted to begin the decluttering process. By far, toys often make up the majority of kid bedroom clutter. Determine the amount of toys that currently don't have a designated spot. Purchase some organizational items suited to store toys and other items. This can be wall shelves, toy bins, toy box, stacking organizational units and more. Find a place for every toy and other item usually thrown on the floor. When a child has a place that their toys belong, they often become better at cleaning up after they are through playing.

Older kids often have trouble keeping clothes, video games, books, electronics and other older kid staples neat and organized. Invest in a desk that has lots of storage space. Buy nightstands with hidden storage spaces behind a door. Don't forget to consider under bed containers and drawers. Books, movies, video games and collectibles can be organized neatly on shelves. If room is tight, get creative and use the higher wall space, ceiling corner nets and hope chests or trunks placed at the foot of the bed.

Organizing your child's room is easier when there are spots for all of your child's stuff. Teenage girls often have massive amounts of makeup, jewelry and accessories. Purchase cute ring and necklace trees, earring holders and a nice jewelry box. There are lots of makeup organizational containers that are inexpensive. Belts, scarves, hats and more can be hung in the closet or on wall hooks. Older boys often have sports equipment, computer games and models. Create a space to store sports related items. Encourage your child to regularly declutter floors/closets and to keep possessions in designated organizing areas.

OrganizingLisa Geraci Rigoni